Braised Beef Flank with Long White Radish

We have totally run over the budget for food this month since we have found a really good salad bar and we just cannot stop going there at lunch hours. This has to stop in July! It also makes us crave for some meat! Too much vegetables! (I can’t believe I just said that). So, meat. We present you braised beef flank with long white radish. The whole dish has a slight spicy taste. The beef flank is very tender and the radish helps to mitigate the fatty taste. There’s nothing you can waste in this dish. The leftover is perfect for making beef noodles!  We adjusted this recipe 萝卜烧牛肉. This post is part of Fiesta Friday hosted at The Novice Gardener by Angie.




1. beef flank 1 kg, long white radish 1 kg

2. 5 to 10 dry red peppers, 10 peppercorns, 1 start anise, 2 bay leaves

3. cooking wine 2 tbsp, dark soy sauce 1 tbsp, soy sauce 1 tbsp, vinegar 1 tbsp

4. sugar 2 tbsp, spicy and salty bean paste 2 tbsp, 3 ginger slices, and 3 to 5 gloves of garlic, cooking oil 2 tbsp


1. Chop chop. Cut the flank into cubes (3 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm). Do the same for the radish.


2. Blanch the beef cubes. In the meantime, boil a big pot of water. We will need it later. Rinse the blanched beef with warm water. Mix all sauces in the Item 3 above.

3. Get a big frying pan. Add cooking oil and sugar. Turn on medium heat. Wait until the sugar starts to turn golden brown. Add all ingredients in Item 2 and the beef cubes. Stir gently for a minute so the beef cubes can get a bit golden color. Then add the bean paste and mixed sauce. Stir for another minute.



4. Add enough water, garlic and ginger. Low heat. And we need the pot lid too. Wait for 35 minutes.



5. Once we can poke into the beef easily with a fork or chopsticks, we can add the radish. Lid back on and wait for another 30 minutes.


6. Times up. Add salt to taste and we are done. Save the leftover for noodles!




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  1. Welcome to Fiesta Friday, Jing! I’m so happy to see you! I’m so impressed with this beautiful braised beef that you brought to the table to share! It looks so delicious… I’ve just recently started cooking radish, I’ve always eaten it raw. How pleasantly surprised I was to find that it actually gets sweeter as it cooks! I love that! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome recipe with us! ❤

    1. Jing says:

      Thank you Prudy! Fiesta Friday is a great event. I have met more food lovers in a month than the total of last year 😀
      So how do you usually cook radish? I’ve never eaten it raw before. Is it good for salad?

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