Rice with Teriyaki Salmon and Avocado

This is a follow-up post of the avocado recipe we posted last week.  We just don’t want to stop with eggs. This time we combine avocado with salmon and they are just perfect. They are both rich in unsaturated fat as well, which are good for your health. The original recipe is called 三文鱼牛油果拌饭 from 下厨房.




1. Salmon Fillet: 1

2. Ripe Avocado: 1 to 2

3. Salt and pepper: to taste

4. Teryaki sauce and lemon juice: to taste

5. A big bowl of cooked rice


1. Prepare the ingredients (rice skipped here).



2. Turn on the oven and set to 350 F (180 C).  Marinate the salmon fillet with some pepper, salt and Teriyaki sauce and put it in a baking sheet with foil while waiting for the oven ready.



3. In for 15 to 20 minutes (based on different types of oven, the time may vary a bit). When done, cut the salmon and avocado into slices. Place them on warm cooked rice. Add some more Teriyaki sauce and lemon juice to taste. Now use a fork, spoon or a pair of chopsticks to mix them together and take your first bite.



29 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks delicious, Jing! Even for this gal who shies away from salmon! Just kidding, I’ll eat your teriyaki salmon anytime. So good for you, isn’t it?

    1. Jing says:

      LOL, thank you Angie. Glad it made to your menu 😉

  2. Yum, this looks great. I love teriyaki, it’s one of the only ways I eat salmon!

    1. Jing says:

      Thank you Michelle!

  3. I love the freshness of this dish. So beautiful and delicious!

    1. Jing says:

      Thank you Julie!

  4. Mandi says:

    I love salmon so much, and teriyaki! great dish, thank sfor sharing!

    1. Jing says:

      I’ve never thought they could be a great combination before. But they really are!

  5. Jhuls says:

    I have not tried eating teriyak salmon, but I will not resist anything with teriyaki. 😀 This looks so good. It’s nice to see you here at the Fiesta. 🙂

    1. Jing says:

      Thank you! I recently have this crazy idea that teriyaki is good with everything 😉 Happy FF!

  6. Mr Fitz says:

    The fishies aint for me.. although Mrs Fitz would love this!

  7. Loretta says:

    Yum, this looks real delicious.

    1. Jing says:

      Thank you Loretta!

  8. This looks so delicious! My son would absolutely love it too! Thanks for sharing and Happy Fiesta Friday!

    1. Jing says:

      Thank you Selma! Happy FF!

    1. Jing says:

      Thank you and happy FF!

  9. This looks so delicious! Yum.. 🙂

  10. Wonderful dish, love terriyaki glazed meat or fish. Thank you so much for bringing this delicious dish to Fiesta Friday!

  11. two of my favorite ingreidents salmon and avacado, i will definitely be trying this thank you x

    1. Jing says:

      Thank you! Hope you like it after trying 🙂

      1. oh i cant see how I couldn’t x

  12. Kaila511 says:

    This looks delicious; I can’t wait to see where you use avocado next! Thanks for bringing it to FF. 🙂

    1. Jing says:

      Thanks Kaila. I’ll see what I can make with avocado this week. Happy FF!

  13. platedujour says:

    Fabulous dish! I love teriyaki whatever it is 🙂 mniam !

  14. petra08 says:

    This looks so good, fresh and I love teriyaki and salmon together, the addition of avocado looks great 🙂

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