Soup Noodles with Braised Beef Flank

OK, this is the follow-up recipe of Braised Beef Flank with Long White Radish. As mentioned, the leftover is perfect for noodles! It’s very simple, almost making me feel like cheating to post it.



1. leftover of the braised beef flank

2. half bunch of spinach leaves (add more if you like)

3. cereal noodle 200 g


1. Reheat the beef flank.

2. Medium heat. Put noodles into boiling water and stir a bit. Wait for 3 minutes.

3. Add the spinach leaves and wait for another minute.

4. Get a big bowl. Put the beef flank, noodles and spinach into the bowl in that order. Mix thoroughly but gently. Enjoy!

Super easy. In the end, not a single drop is left in my bowl.



4 thoughts on “Soup Noodles with Braised Beef Flank

  1. OMG!!! I should not have come to your blog and this post when I am hungry, this post really made me want to ‘grab’ that noodle from my screen and eat it RIGHT NOW. Way to torture me, my friend 😛

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