Sweet Corn with Salted Duck Egg Yolk

This is a dish we used to order in restaurant. The sweet taste mixed with the salted egg yolk is just perfect. And it is fairly easy to make.




1. sweet corn: 200g

2. 2 duck egg yolks

3. some corn starch

4. cooking oil 30ml (2tbsp) + 5ml (used seperately)


1. Get the corns (we use frozen corns) and make sure they are dry! Kitchen towels help a lot. Then put the corns into a ziploc. Add some corn starch until all corns are covered.



2. Get the egg yolk out of the duck eggs and scramble them with a spoon.



3. Add 30ml cooking oil to the pan and set the heat to high. Wait for 1 minute and add the corns. Stir until the corns turn to golden (about 90 seconds). Get them out.



4. Add 5ml cooking oil and turn the heat to low. Add the egg yolks. Gently stir them until you see bubbles. 



5. Add the corns back in and stir until they are all covered by the scrambled egg yolks. Done!




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