Slow Cooker Silkie Chicken Soup

Sikie is a breed of chicken with black meat, which is kind of unusual compared to chickens in Europe or North America. Well, from personal experience, it taste much much better! The Silkie chicken soup is considered as a curative food (food therapy) in Chinese medicine. So not only it tastes good, but also is good for your health, especially for women. To make this soup, you need a slow cooker.



1. One Silkie

2. Some shiitake, wolfberry, one piece of ginger, and 8 Szechuan pepper


Well, there’s only one rule to make Silkie soup: ABSOLUTELY NO SALT! Salt will ruin the flavor.

Step 1: Clean the chicken and chop it.


Step 2: blanch the chicken chops. Then clean the chops with warm water.


Step 3: prepare other ingredients.


Step 4: Put all ingredients into the slow cooker. Add warm water. Turn the power to low and wait for 8 hours (just turn on the power before going to sleep. You’ll have chicken soup for breakfast the next day!).


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