The Cauliflower Party (Cauliflower Stirfry)

We saw these cauliflowers at the farmer’s market and got 5 different kinds for only $1.35! Who knew they come in all kinds of colors and shapes? We whipped up this recipe that keeps the colors and gives you some flavour at the same time. These are perfect as a side dish or just a healthy snack. Your kids will love this!


How pretty is that!

2014-09-06 10.46.07


  1. Cauliflowers: 5 or whatever you’ve got
  2. Ginger: 1 slice
  3. Spring onion: 1 piece
  4. Vegetable oil/oilve oil: 1tbsp
  5. Salt: to taste
  6. Chilli pepper flake: to taste


1. Wash the cauliflowers and lay them out like this for a pretty picture. Smile!


2. Break them apart to bite-size bits with your hands. Tip: Using your hands instead of a knife to avoid getting the metal flavour on them.


3. Blanch the flowers in boiling salted water for about 30 seconds, then run them under cold water to keep the colors vibrant, drain them and set them aside. Tip: Add salt to blanching water deliberately. It will bring the water to a boil faster, help to keep the colors and give the cauliflowers some flavour during blanching.


4. Heat 1tbsp oil on a frying pan over high heat, add one tiny piece of ginger and spring onion, then add the cauliflowers, stir-fry for about 30 seconds, add salt and hot chilli peeper flake to taste.




23 thoughts on “The Cauliflower Party (Cauliflower Stirfry)

  1. Wow! Cauliflower party on Fiesta Friday? How cool! 😀 I mean, I haven’t seen any color of cauliflower except the white one. You are lucky! 😀 Thanks for bringing these beauties. Happy FF!

  2. Wow! This is a party unto itself! I am also so attracted to all of the bright, beautiful colours in the veggie market and am always imagining how that will look on the table! Great post! 🙂

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