Rice with Jellied Saury Stew

Where should I start? So many things happened in the past two weeks. I lost my job this Monday because the company ran out of money and clients. Well, not all start-ups are like Instagram. In fact 99% will fail. Luckily I almost know where I’m going next. Life needs a change from time to time.  OK, let’s get back to our recipe. We usually eat grilled pacific saury with lemon but this is getting old. Cooking needs a change too. The stewed saury is good, but the best part is the side dish, rice with the jellied stew sauce 🙂 This post is part of Fiesta Friday hosted at The Novice Gardener by Angie.


Well, to make this, we need to make the saury stew first. We need the following ingredients:

1. four sauries, a bowl of mushroom, sliced ginger and one green onion

2. 3 tbsp soy sauce, 2 tbsp cooking wine, 2tbsp sugar (please adjust to your own taste)

3. 2 tbsp cooking oil



1.Ready the ingredients (See above). Clean up the saury. Get rid of the organs and cut them into 4 pieces.

2. Heat up the cooking oil. We do a bit of frying of the saury with medium heat until both sides get a bit of golden brown color.


3. Get the saury out. Use the oil left in the pan to heat up the ginger and green onion. Then add the saury back. Stir a bit.


4. Now add the soy sauce, cooking wine and sugar. Add some water to submerge the saury. Cover the pan with a lid. Low heat for 20 minutes. Add the mushroom for another 5 minutes and high heat to dry the sauce a bit. Don’t over do it! Again, adjust to taste.


5. When we are done with the mushroom and saury, put the left over into the fridge. The next day, get a bowl of rice (thoroughly cooked, of course) and add the jellied sauce with some green onion and broccoli. That’s the real perfect dish.





18 thoughts on “Rice with Jellied Saury Stew

    • Thx for the comment Margherita, and I guess my French class finally pays off a bit that I can roughly understand some sentences on your profile page 😉

  1. Oh my gosh, sorry about that I was multi-tasking; while I love lamb with potatoes, you are probably wondering “so what????” I have never had jellied saury stew but this really sounds and looks good!!!

  2. So good of you to come to the party after such a trying week. Hope things improve really soon. That fish looks ‘simply’ delicious. I might have to use mackerel instead, because I am way too far from a source of saury, but I love the ingredients and method for cooking this kind of fish.

    • Thank you Hilda. Cooking this dish was like a getaway after the last two weeks. For the recipe, it surely doesn’t have to be saury. I just happened to have some in my fridge 🙂

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