Spiced Tea egg


We seem to have a problem of eating all the eggs in the fridge before they expire. We just need a bit of motivation. Boiled eggs are good, but better with this recipe. The eggs absorb the flavor of all spice and the tea. One bite just makes you want more. And it’s always fun to look at the painting on the egg white LOL. We followed the recipe here 小茴香茶叶蛋.




1. half a dozen of eggs

2. Pu-erh tea 1/2 tbsp (actually I think any type of tea should work)

3. salt 2 tbsp, soy sauce 2 tbsp, dark soy sauce 1 tbsp

4. one star anise, 2 bay leaves, 1 rock sugar


1. Boil eggs. 

2. Put the boiled eggs in cool water. Wait for about 1 minute. Gently crack the egg shell but don’t peel it off.

3. Get a clean pot with water. Add all spice and sauce in. Place over medium heat. 

4. When the water boils, add all the eggs. Turn the heat off after 30 minutes. 

It’s done. But to make it taste better, we suggest refrigerate the eggs with the sauce overnight. It’s way better when you heat and eat it the next day. 


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  1. crownedego says:

    Lovely..but try not to have too many eggs in one day as they will shoot your colesteral through the roof. Usually have 2 in one day, removing the yolk from the second egg as that is part with all the richness xo

    1. Jing says:

      Thx for the tip! Always keep our health in mind.

      We usually take one spiced egg a day and keep the rest refrigerated. That actually makes the taste better. 😉

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