Oven roasted lamb shoulder

Last time we made oven roasted lamb kebab, and now it ranks in the second place of Google search. It’s unexpected, but we are happy about that ^_^.   Today we made another oven roasted dish with the lamb shoulder (we followed the recipe here 黑椒烤羊排)



1. Lamb shoulder 750 g

2. 4 Potatoes and a small box of mushrooms (Sometimes we think they taste better than the lamb)

3. Soy sauce: 2 tbsp, Seasoned soy sauce for seafood: 1 tbsp (yeah, that’s right, for seafood. The Chinese character for tasty is “鲜”, which consists of a fish on the left and a lamb on the right), Oyster flavored sauce: 1 tbsp

4. Black pepper: 1 tsp, Cumin: 1tsp

5. 1 green onion and sesame seed: 1 tsp

 6. cooking wine: 1tbsp, honey: 2tbsp


1. Mix the sauce with items 3 and 6.  Marinate the lamb shoulder. Also add the black pepper and cumin.


2. Slice the potatoes and mushrooms. Brush some oil onto the foil and place the slices on it. Then put the lamb shoulder on top of them. 


3. Put them in an oven that is preheated to 390F/200C for 30 minutes. Take them out, and brush the honey on the lamb (on both side). You can add more black pepper and cumin here if you like (we usually do). Turn the lamb over, and then put the pan back into the oven for another 8 minutes.

4. Take them out, add the sesame seed and green onion chops. Put them back for one last minute. Done!


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