Sautéed Sweet Corn with Pine Nuts

It seems that we had too much meat recently, so we decide to switch to vegetarian style just a little bit. We like pine nuts, well so do squirrels, except that we have to pay 6.5 dollars for 50 g…luckily, we only need 100 g.



1. mixed vegetables (sweet corn, carrots and beans): 500 g

2. pine nuts: 100 g

3. salt: 5 g

4. cooking oil: 15 ml/1tbsp 


1. Blanch the mixed vegetables for 1 minutes and get them out.



2. Small pan, cooking oil, high heat. Wait for 1 minute, add the pine nuts and turn the heat to low immediately (or you will smell somethings burned…). Slowly stir.



3. When most of the pine nuts turn golden brown, add in the mixed vegetables and salt. Fast stir for 30 seconds. Done.



Really simple, right?


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