Beef Tongue Stew — Second round

Remember the beef tongue stew we made last week? Well we couldn’t finish all of it. In fact we only ate one third of it and made two other dishes with the rest two thirds. I hope you didn’t throw away the sauce (or soup?) when making the stew last week because we will need it for this one. And again, we found the vegetables and mushroom’s taste beat the beef tongue lol.



1. One third of the stewed beef tongue (about 0.6 kg) 

2. One green onion

3. Three carrots 

4. Three king oyster mushrooms

5. One or two bunches of broccoli

6. 30 ml cooking oil

7. 30 to 45 ml soy sauce (depends on personal tastes) and a bit of sugar (5 g)


1. Chop the stewed beef tongue into cubes (about the size of your thumb finger nail; ours was not that small and that was definitely a mistake). Chop the carrots and mushrooms. 


2. Set the heat to high. Add the green onion and wait for about 1.5 minutes. Add the carrots. Stir for about 2 minutes.


3. Add the king oyster mushroom chops and stir for about 1 minute.

IMG_3219_副本4. Now add about 320 ml stew sauce, almost same amount of water, and 45 ml soy sauce. Stir a bit. Turn the heat to medium. Cover the pot with the lid. Wait for 20 minutes. Open the pot, turn the heat to high and wait until most of the liquid is vaporized. 


5. Last step. Add the broccoli and sugar. Stir for a minute. Done!


Note: You could also add some frozen tofu instead of broccoli. Well the take away message is to add ingredients that can absorb the flavor of the stewed beef tongue!

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