Pot-Stewed Beef Tongue

We are back. We have to say that we had the most tiring vacation ever, 5 cities in 19 days and 9 flights. Not ever again… So this weekend we decided to give ourselves a treat, with the beef tongue. 



1. One beef tongue (ours is about 1.6 kg) 

2. Three dry red peppers

3. 15 Szechuan pepper corns 

4. Half a cinnamon bar

5. Two star anises

6. Two bay leaves

7. Three garlic cloves

8. some soy sauce (30 ml)


1. Wash and clean the beef tongue.


2. Get a big pot which you can fit in the beef tongue. Add water until it covers the whole tongue. Turn the heat to high. Once the water is boiling, turn the heat to low and wait for about one hour.


3. Get the beef tongue out and clean it with cool running water. You will need to cut off the white tissue on the tongue. Make sure you are thorough and it is OK to cut off the meat a bit.


4. Get another pot of clean water. Add all the other ingredients except for the garlic and soy sauce. Put the beef tongue back in. Turn the heat to high. Once the water is boiling, set the heat to low and wait for another hour. Then if you can poke into the tongue easily with a fork or chopsticks, turn off the heat.

IMG_3202_副本 5. Let it cool down. And refrigerate the whole thing over night. The next day, cut the tongue into thin pieces. Get a small bowl and make some sauce by mixing the soy sauce with the mashed garlic cloves. Time to eat.



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