Spicy chicken stir fry with corn

OK, another month passed and two weeks from Christmas! So happy. This is probably the last recipe for this year and we are going back to China for a while to learn more recipes from our parents. 



1. Chicken breast 300 g

2. Corn 300 g

3. 3 Red peppers

4. cooking oil 30 ml, salt 5 g, sugar 5 g.



1. Dice the chicken breast and the peppers (remove the seeds, otherwise it may be too spicy)


2. Turn on the heat. Set it to high and add the cooking oil. Wait until you see some smoke coming out from the pan. Then add the corn and stir for about 2 minutes.  Move the corn to a bowl. Add the chicken breast dices and stir until they turn white. 


3.  Next step: just mix them up and stir for another minute. Add salt and sugar (if you are using sweet corn, then no need to add it). Done!


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