Pig feet stew

We haven’t updated the blog for a while. Not sure why but we are back ^_^, with the pig feet stew! It is one tasty dish good for your skin because of the collagen in the pig feet.



1. pig feet 1kg

2. 10 Sichuan peppers, 2 pieces of ginger

3. Soy sauce 30 ml, Dark soy sauce 15ml, cooking wine 15ml, 5 to 8 rock candies, cooking oil 15ml, 2 Star anises


1. Clean the pig feet and possibly chop them. Be careful with the knife. The bone is not easy to deal with.


2. Blanch the pig feet for 2 minutes. Get a big pan, add the cooking oil and rock candies. Set the heat to high and wait until the rock candies melt and turn dark red.


3. Now add the pig feet chops. Time for some make-up. Stir for a bit until all chops get some color. Add the cooking wine. Stir for another 30 seconds.


4. Get your slow cooker. Add the pig feet and all other ingredients left. Last part, add warm water, set the heat to low and you are good to go. Wait for 8 hours. So better to do it before sleeping!


5. When you wake up in the morning, you will get the almost perfect pig feet stew. One last step. We don’t need that much water in the stew so let’s vaporize the extra water. With high heat, this probably takes you 5 minutes. Then you are going to go!


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  1. Wow, pig feet stew is my family’s favorite dish and I’d like to share a bit:
    – my mom adds chinese five spices and dried shiitake mushrooms to the stew
    – instead of stir frying the pig feet, my mom would burn the surface with direct flame (gas torch or stove top) to remove any hairs and to add some smoky flavor
    – we live in indonesia, so we use kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) for the sweet taste
    Anyway, love your recipe too 🙂

    1. Jing says:

      Thx for sharing Venessa!

      My parents use the direct flame too. Unfortunately we are not allowed to do it indoor here in Canada.

      We will probably post another pig feet recipe soon.

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