Edamame and Minced Beef Stir Fry

We just came back from vacation. When we opened the fridge, we found there were almost nothing left. All we have were some edamame, minced beef and a tomato. Hey, just enough to make a delicious dish! We followed the original recipe 肉末番茄烧毛豆 .IMG_2674_副本 Ingredients: 1. Edamame: 250g 2. Minced Beef: 150g 3. one small tomato. 4. cooking oil 15ml (1tbsp), soy sauce 15ml, salt 5g and sugar 5g. Steps: 1. Prepare the ingredients. IMG_2652_副本 2. Add the cooking oil to the pan. Turn the heat to high and wait for minute. Then add the minced beef, stir a bit and add the soy sauce. Keep stirring until the color of the beef all turns to brown. IMG_2658_副本 3. Add the edamame. Stir a bit. Add water (water needs to be over all the ingredients). Cover the pot, turn heat to medium and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. IMG_2661_副本 4. Then add the tomatoes and salt. Turn heat to high and stir for a minute. IMG_2670_副本 5. Add sugar and vaporize 2/3 of the water in the pot. Done! IMG_2674_副本

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