Colorful Chicken Stir Fry


The more colors your meal has, the more nutritious it is.  This dish is not only colorful and nutritious, but also tasty since the king oyster mushroom absorbs the sauce so well and it taste like chicken stew.



1. Chicken breast: 400g

2. King oyster mushroom: 300g

3. half a carrot

4. Frozen cooked Edamame: 200g

5. Soy sauce: 30 ml (2 tbsps), Cooking wine 15ml (1tbsp)

6. sugar: 1tsp, black pepper: 3g

7. cooking oil: 30ml (2tbsps)


1. Slice the carrot and mushroom. Chop the chicken breast.



2. Set the heat to medium. Add the cooking oil. Wait for about 1 minute and add the chicken cubes. Add cooking wine and stir until the chicken turns white.IMG_1732_副本

3. Add the carrot and stir for a minute.



4. Then add the mushroom and Edamame. Stir for another minute. Note that we use cooked edamames. If they are not cooked, blanch them first. 



5. Add the soy sauce and sugar. Cover the pot with the lid and wait for 3 minute.



6. Open the pot. Turn the heat to high and vaporize most of the water. Add the black pepper and stir a bit. Done!




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