Lamb Soup with Frozen Tofu

OK, it is 16 degrees Celsius in Canada.  This is no summer… We figure we could eat something that makes you feel warm. Lamb soup is a good choice in Chinese food therapy. Well, we don’t have those fancy herbs. So this is a very simple version.



1. lamb slice: 250 g

2. frozen tofu: 300 g (well regular tofu will do, but frozen tofu is much better since it will absorb the flavor)

3. some Chinese Cabbage (optional)

4. bean vermicelli 40 g

5. 5 or 6 mushrooms

6. cilantro: 5g, 1 green onion, 1 piece of ginger and 3 Szechuan peppercorns, 2tsp oyster flavored sauce.


1. Prepare the ingredients. Defreeze the frozen tofu and lamb slice, soak the bean vermicelli in warm water and slice the mushrooms.


2. Blanch the lamb slice with green onion, ginger and peppercorn.


3. Get the lamb slices out and put them in a bowl.  Add other ingredients to the pot in the following order:

Add Frozen Tofu (Then wait until the water is boiling)

Add the mushroom slices. Then wait for 1 minute.

Add the bean vermicelli and cabbage.

Add 2 tsp oyster flavored sauce.


4. Add the lamb slice back in. Stir a bit for 5 seconds. Add the cilantro. Done.


We have a similar recipe with meat balls. Unfortunately the wordpress plugin we are using cannot locate it through the search. Here’s also a link to a lamb soup with herbs recipe.

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