Steamed Twisted Rolls 花卷

Where I came from is famous for its rice. In my opinion they have the best taste and texture. Rice from anywhere else taste like sand to me (yes I exaggerated just a little). I don’t have access to my ideal kind of rice here in Canada, but luckily we have good flour! Steamed twisted rolls is easier to make than steamed buns. They don’t have to look round and smooth and cute as steamed buns. They are twisted! You can add flavour to them to your taste. They go with just about any dish like rice do.

This recipe is mainly adapted from its Chinese Version: 白花卷



  1. All purpose Flour: 500g
  2. Yeast: 5g
  3. Water: 240g
  4. Salt: 1g
  5. Oil (vegetable oil or non-expensive olive oil): about 1tsp to brush onto the dough
  6. (Optional) Salt and Sichuan pepper: to taste


    1. Make the dough. Add water, salt (ingredient #4), and yeast to the bread machine. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Add flour to the bread machine. Let the machine run a full ‘make dough’ cycle. On my machine (Black & Decker All-in-One Automatic Breadmaker), it is option #8 which takes 1 and a half hour. At the end of the cycle, the dough would rise to twice its size. If you don’t have a bread machine then you will have to make the dough by hand. That will give you some biceps!IMG_0533
    2. Roll out the dough. Take a rolling pin and roll out the dough to about 3mm thick. We don’t have a board big enough for the whole dough so I split the dough in half and made two thin doughs. Here is a link from wikiHow on how to roll out a dough. Clearly I didn’t do a good job in rolling out the dough into a square shape but that does not affect the final results too much. Actually this fits the theme of our blog: you don’t have to be a professional to cook at home. You don’t even have to be good at cooking at all to make perfectly acceptable, and even delicious dishes!IMG_0534
    3. Seasoning. Brush some cooking oil onto the dough, then spread some salt and Sichuan pepper to taste. You could add some spring onion or some sesame seed paste instead of salt and pepper. That would taste good too.
    4. Roll the dough up along the longer side of the dough.
    5. Cut the dough into pieces (about 4cm wide each).IMG_0538
    6. Shape the twisted rolls. Place one piece on top of another, use a chopstick to push down from the centre, and you have a twisted roll. Here’s the video of me shaping the twisted rolls.
    7. Place the twisted rolls on a steamer (We have the Black & Decker Ultra-Fast Pre-Programmed Steamer).  Let the rolls sit in room temperature for about 10-15 minutes. Then steam for 10 minutes. When the program finishes, wait 5 minutes before lifting the lids to avoid bumpy skin on the rolls.

Mark this blog post and try it some time. Chinese bakery is really not that hard!

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