Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs

This is one of my favorite pork rib dishes. I really miss the taste of this dish made by my parents. Well, they are not with us, so I guess I have to make it all by myself. I followed this recipe 懒人版糖醋排骨. It is quite easier to make than I used to think.



1. fresh pork rib chops: 500g

2. cooking wine 1tbsp, soy sauce 2tbsp, vinegar 3tbsp, white sugar 4tbsp.

3. salt 3g, cooking oil 1tbsp

4. 1 piece of ginger


1. Chop the ribs if they are too big (usually just cut the ribs in half). Put them in a pot with water. Turn on the heat to high. Once the water is the water is boiling, get the ribs from the pot and clean them with tab-water.

IMG_0408_副本_副本2.  Add cooking oil to a pan. Turn on the heat (high) and fry the ginger for about 30 seconds. Cindy made some finely minced ginger and keep it refrigerated so we can easily get some ginger without cutting every time.



3.  Now fry the ribs for a few minutes until at least two sides of them turn brown in oil



4. Now add the sauce in the following order: cooking wine (pour it all over the ribs if possible), soy sauce, vinegar and sugar. Then stir a bit.



5. Add some boiled water to the pan. Turn the heat to low and wait for 20 minutes.



6. Add salt. Turn the heat to high and gently stir until being dry. Add some sesame seed if you like. Enjoy!



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2 Comments Add yours

  1. mrsgraceydairyfree says:

    Love the fact you cook it all in one pan, amazing

    1. jingz8804 says:

      Thanks. This dish doesn’t require stirring too much so one pan is just fine~

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