Elk steak stir fry

We stumbled upon elk steak at a local farmer’s market over the weekend. This is the first time we eat elk steak. It’s so tender and we really like it!




1. elk steak: we only bought about 0.2 kg to try.

2. 2 carrots, 1 spring onion and some ginger pieces.

3. 5g salt and pepper, a bit cooking wine and corn starch.

4. 15ml cooking oil and 10ml soy sauce (optional).


1. prepare the ingredients like followings:



2. Add the salt, pepper and cooking wine to the steak slices. 

3. Turn on the heat (high). Wait for about 1 minute and add the carrots. Stir. They need a head start. After about 1 minute, add the spring onion and ginger.



4. Here comes the elk. Stir until they all turn into brown. Add a bit soy sauce (10ml) if you want. This should take about 1 minute and it’s done. Don’t cook too long. You want to make sure they are tender. 



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