Colorful Stir Fry with Chicken and Bell Pepper

We bought some fresh bell peppers at farmer’s market last Saturday. Together with the boneless chicken drumsticks, we made a colorful and tasteful dish. We were expecting something very spicy but it turned out to be just right.Done


1. Chicken 500g (drumsticks are better than chicken breasts in this dish but you can use either).

2. Bell pepper: We use 4 different colors. Just cut 1/4 out of each pepper.

3. 1 spring onion, 2 pieces of gingers, and 2 garlic chives. 

4. 2 red dry peppers and 5 pepper corns

5. 15ml soy sauce, 5ml dark soy sauce (just for color), 5g salt, 5g sugar, 10g corn starch and 10ml cooking wine (Well these are really just approximations. ) And of course, some cooking oil (30 ml should be enough)

Step 1: Chop the bell pepper


Step2: Dice the chicken, add both sauces, the cooking wine and the corn starch. Give the chicken dices a massage.dice

Step3: prepare the spring onion, ginger and garlics. Turn the heat on (high). Add oil the pepper corn and dry red pepper. Gently stir about 1 minute. Add the spring onion, ginger and garlics. Stir for another 30 seconds.IMG_9700_副本


Step4: Add the chicken and stir quickly until the color of all sides of the chicken dices turns whiter. Then add our pepper chops, salt and sugar. Stir for another 1 minute. Done!



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