Scrambled Eggs with Garlic Chives

The story was, we went to a nice restaurant a couple of weeks ago and I had fauxito (mojito without rum). I liked how mint makes a drink taste and remembered reading somewhere that you can grow mint at home by just placing them in water. So I Googled how to grow mint in a vase and somehow was drawn by the fact that you can grow garlic chives in a container with just water as well. I was so excited by the idea of DIY projects that you can actually eat! Here is my journey of growing garlic chives by my window.

You will need to skin the garlic and keep the bottom part intact because that’s where root will grow out from. I just squeezed the cloves in a little container. Some of them already had a bit of chives because they were ‘old’ garlics that have been sitting in the fridge for a while.


From the side it looks like this. You’ll need to carefully pour some water until it reaches about half the height of the cloves. Carefully add water to them to keep that height each day. I actually planted two pots of these.


A week later, I had garlic chives by my window! Of course the ones with a head start are higher but I couldn’t wait so I harvested them today! With this method, you can keep watering the garlics until you get two or three uses of the grown chives and then you will need to start with a new batch of garlics because there will not be enough nutrients to grow any more.


Of course I made a dish out of the garlic chives. They give a hint of the garlic flavour but not too strong. I mixed them with scrambled eggs, a very commonly home-made dish in China. It is so very simple and fast. Preparation takes 2 minutes and cooking would take no more than 8 minutes!



  1. eggs:2-3
  2. garlic chives
  3. salt
  4. oil (enough to make scrambled eggs)


  1. Whip the eggs, add a little bit of water(1 tsb for each egg that you use), and a pinch of salt. Water will make the eggs taste soft after scrambling. To add salt before scrambling evens the flavour. Eggs, once scrambled, have very lumpy surface and will catch the salt unevenly. Nobody wants one bite with no flavour and another bite that’s super salty
  2. Chop the garlic chivesIMG_9571_副本
  3. heat the pan on high heat, add oil, wait until the oil smokes, add eggs, quickly stir until you have the perfect scrambled eggs, then set the eggs asideIMG_9600_副本
  4. turn heat to medium, add a tiny bit of oil to the pan, pour the garlic chives in, quickly stir for 10 seconds, add salt if you want to, add scrambled eggs, mix and done!IMG_9608_副本
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