Braised Baby Potato with Soy Bean Paste

Remember the Baked Baby Potatoes  we cooked a few days ago? We had half a bag of baby potatoes left after that. Today we are going to show you how we braised them with minced beef (had some left after cooking the Eggplant and Minced Beef Stir Fry), peanut, and cilantro using soy bean paste. 

This is kind of similar to how my mother makes this dish, but could anyone ever reproduce anything with the exact flavour of Mom’s?

Chinese version: 酱香小土豆



  1. Baby potatoes: 300g
  2. Minced beef: 100g
  3. Cilantro (also known as Coriander, usually sold at grocery stores right beside parsley): 2/3 bunch, key ingredient, soul of this dish, plus add some vegetables to the picture
  4. Peanut: sorry I don’t know the weight but about a handful
  5. Oil: 1tbs, non-expensive olive oil or vegetable oil
  6. Sauce: 3 tbsp of soy bean paste, 1tbsp of dark soy sauce for color (optional)
  7. (optional) 2 chilli pepper and a dozen of peppercorn if you want to spice it up
  8. (optional) 2 bay leaves and 1 star anise for more complex flavour when braising
  9. (optional) Marinade for Beef: 1tsb cooking wine, a little corn starch


  1. Marinade the minced beef with cooking wine to minimize the beef smell, and corn starch to thicken the sauce (optional). Chop the cilantro.
  2. Boil baby potatoes for 5 minutes. Under running cold tap water, carefully remove the potato eyes with fingernails, then cut them in half
  3. Add oil to pan, set heat to medium, add chilli pepper and peppercorns if you wish to, add baby potatoes, wait until it’s a bit golden brown and add minced beef
  4. Stir until the beef turn brown, add sauce (Ingredient #6)
  5. add peanuts, add water until it covers almost all the materials, add optional seasoning(Ingredient #8). For braised dishes you’ll need something deeper than a flat pan, a wok or a jumbo cooker shown here would be good.
  6. Add cilantro, set heat to high, wait until the water boils, then set heat to medium. Wait about 10 minutes so that the water almost dries out, everything would be nicely done by then.
  7. Vuala!
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