Mixed vegetables stir fry with King Oyster Mushroom

We’re following an online course “JUST COOK” on Coursera from Stanford University. It is really important to know how to cook for yourself and your kids. The first assignment is to make a vegetable feature dish with 3 vegetables. So here’s mine.

Ingredient: Carrot, Sweet corn, Pea, King Oyster Mushroom, pepper and soy sauce.

Step1: Put all vegetables and mushroom in boiling water for about 1 minute. Then get them out.

Step2: Put some cooking oil and peper in the pan.

Step3: When the oil is ready, put all vegatbles and mushroom in the pan. Then add about 15ml soy sauce (no need to add sugar since the corn is sweet). Stir for about 2 minutes. And that’s it. (lick on the image to see the original size.)

Process final


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